Company Profile

HS Traders is a progressive & innovative based private business. We believe in originality, innovations customer’s satisfaction & credibility. Our range of Products includes Circuit Breaker,Contactor, LT and Control Panel,Panel Accessories,Pneumatic Valve Accessories,Sensors,Thermocouples,Relays,Timer,Overload,Controls and Other General order items.
We pride ourselves in special reputation by completing many remarkable projects of national magnitude. We have qualified and skilled workforce in each department of its concern. We always aim to achieve our committed targets with perfection and in time. Our definition of a defect is “If customers don't like it, it's a defect”.
Our clientele judge our performance by the quality of the analyses, insight and products we provide, and our timely response. Helping them achieve their business goals.

Mission & Vision
To become the leading company by providing the finest solutions to our clients through utilizing the best output of the highly accomplished employees and lead through productive partnerships with customer with order to achieve the shared goals.

Leadership: set standards to follow
Honesty: do the right & tell the truth
Integrity: moral and ethical principles
Respect: religion, opinions, rights and perspectives of others
Diversity: try something different
Safety: watch out for others, being secure and safe
Inclusion: you are a team member